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Wall Graphics
Audi provides a selection of scalable wall graphics for use across its Architecture Facilities. The graphics have a strong visual quality that reinforces the values of the brand for both customers and dealership staff.

Wall Graphic Locations

Wall graphics are to be selectively implemented in a limited number of locations in the Sales, Lounge, and Service Reception areas. Wall graphics should not be installed in the Showroom.

Include Graphics:

1 along outer wall of Service Drive (unless this wall is glazed)

2 in Sales/Lounge area on any large continuous wall surface

3 in Vehicle Delivery on one large continuous wall surface

4 on lateral wall of Offices (optional to use monitor instead of graphic)

Do not
locate graphics in:

5 Showroom

6 Vestibule

See full Wall Graphics Specs

Graphics are available through and installed by Audi’s approved furniture vendors. There is a wide variety of image options ranging from heritage vehicle images to more non-specific, landscape images that create a dynamic atmosphere within the dealership.
All graphics are available in vinyl or fabric formats. To see full Wall Graphics Catalog, click here.

Wall Graphic Sizing


Wall graphics can be sized to accommodate a variety of spaces from small rooms, such as offices, to large wall expanses, such as in the Service Drive and Vehicle Delivery. This provides flexibility in wall graphic selection.

1 Full Wall Graphic. (vinyl)
2 Half-height Wall Graphic (fabric).
3a Framed Wall Graphic (fabric).
3b Wall-mounted Monitor (only at Offices).

Image is not available

Full Wall Graphic: Vehicle Delivery
A full wall graphic is required on one continuous wall surface in the Vehicle Delivery room, unless the side wall is illuminated.

Graphic Category: Ambience

Image is not available

Full Wall Graphic: Service Drive
A full wall graphic is required on one continuous wall surface in the Service Drive, unless the side wall is glazed.

Graphic Category: Heritage and Motorsports

Image is not available

Full Wall Graphic: Office
Full wall graphic pictured on the lateral wall across from the desk.

Image is not available

Full Wall Graphic: Reception
Full wall graphic behind reception desk.

Graphic category: Ambience

Image is not available

Full Wall Graphic: Lounge / Customer Area
Full wall graphic behind customer bar animates the Sales Floor.

Graphic category: Detail

Image is not available

Half Height Wall Graphic: Conference
Partial wall graphic recommended in the conference or training room.

Graphic Category: Ambience (Specifications > Wall Graphics > Ambience)

Image is not available

Half Height Wall Graphic: Office
When located along the same wall as the office furniture, half-height, full-width wall graphics are recommended.

Graphic Category: Heritage (Specifications > Wall Graphics > Heritage)

Image is not available

Service Workshop
Wall graphic in the Service Workshop.

Graphic category: Motorsports (Specifications > Wall Graphics > Motorsports)

Image is not available

Service Workshop
Wall graphic above technician toolboxes in the Service Workshop.

Image is not available

Framed Wall Graphic / Monitor
Right: In offices, only, TV monitors may be substituted for the wall graphic.
Left: Framed wall graphic at customer lounge.

Graphic Category: Detail

Image is not available

Framed Wall Graphic: Office
Framed wall graphic in mezzanine office.

Graphic Category: Heritage

Image is not available

Wall Graphic Lighting

Lighting should be provided wherever graphics have been installed. The Audi lighting program has recessed accent lights — either wall washer fixtures or adjustable accent lights — that are available in either low volage halogen or LED equivalent.


Wall graphics are illuminated by TAW wall wash fixtures, as described in the Lighting Guidelines. The positioning of the TAW fixtures relative to the graphic is critical to achieve a balanced, scallop-free and hot spot-free illumination from the top of the wall to the bottom.

The spacing between wall wash fixtures and the surface to be illuminated should be set in a 1:1 ratio, per the diagram below. For example, if there is 36” between wall wash fixtures, then the row of fixtures should be set 36” from the wall. Please be aware that the TAW fixture has an asymmetric beam distribution and must be installed in the correct orientation to illuminate the wall(s).


In offices, if a monitor is to be provided in lieu of a graphic, no additional accent lighting is required.


1 The optimal distance between the wall and wall wash lights is 1/4 to 1/3 the height of the wall.

Image is not available

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