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Design Overview / ASCE Terminal

Design Overview

Audi’s Corporate Design and Corporate Identity provide an exclusive customer experience for both Audi Sales and Service. These essential components of the Audi Brand Identity create a consistent customer experience at all Audi facilities throughout the world. These design guidelines ensure that Audi’s focus on quality and durability extends throughout the Showroom and customer-facing zones of each dealership.* 


ASCE (Advanced Showroom Concept Enhancement) Projects are defined by four major design guidelines: Interior Finishes, Furniture, Lighting, and Signage. The combination of these features create the Audi environment.

*These ASCE guidelines do not apply to back-of-house spaces, staff-only areas, exterior finishes, or to the service workshop.

Customer Zones


Each ASCE Facility is composed of a fixed set of programmatic functions, which together define the Audi brand architecture and customer experience.


The customer-facing areas relevant to an ASCE project include:


1 Showroom
2 Reception Platform
3 Sales Area
4 Café and Lounges
5 Offices (for General Manager, Sales Manager(s), F&I, Service Manager, and Parts Manager)
6 Vehicle Delivery
7 Service Drive
8 Service Reception
9 Parts and/or Cashier Counters
10 Customer Restrooms

Showroom Layout


Each vehicle is required to have a fixed and unobstructed viewing area, through which customers can pass, open vehicle doors, etc. This view area measures 13’ x 21’ in size, or 275 square feet.


Depending on the building type, vehicles should be positioned parallel to the curved showroom wall or to the principal curtain wall facade and staggered from each other to maximize circulation and visibility. In addition, the vehicles should face toward the main entry or vestibule.

IMG Right

Terminal Showroom Layout .
Vehicles follow the curve of the showroom area and are staggered for maximum visibility.

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Hangar/Neutral/CPO Showroom Layout.
Vehicles are arranged parallel to the front of the showroom. They are staggered for maximum visibility.

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Hangar/Neutral/CPO Showroom Layout.
The communication platform (i.e. reception desk) may project into the showroom floor.

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Dual Brand Facilities

Brand separation is critical; when the Audi dealership is attached or adjacent to other brands, the Audi customer experience should have clear separation from those other brands. This is achieved in part by ensuring that the Audi program spaces are exclusive and solely dedicated to the Audi brand experience. Some functional spaces, however, can be shared between brands; those should be designed with a neutral material palette.

The following functional spaces may be shared between Audi and another brand: Service Workshop, Parts Storage, Conference/ Training Room, F&I O ce(s), Restrooms, Retail Counter. Other operations not exposed to customer contact may be shared with other brands.


Diagram of Exclusive and Shared Spaces in a Dual Brand Facility

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Within a multi-brand Audi Facility, customers should not be presented with any direct sight lines to the adjacent brand. The goal is to maintain customers’ visual focus within the Audi dealership and this applies in all customer zones.

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